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Credit card interest rates and monthly payments skyrocketing? Using credit cards for staples, such as food and gas? Worried how much longer you can keep this up? Is your financial stress affecting your mood, your children, your marriage?


A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, delinquent utility bills and most other unsecured debts. Once discharged, these debts can never again be legally collected.


You could be debt-free and start repairing your credit in as little as 3 months!

If you have fallen behind with mortgage payments, you must seek immediate legal advice. A Chapter 13 can stop foreclosure and sheriff sales and allow you to save your home.


Are you being asked to pay thousands of dollars within 30 days to save your home? Turn the tables on your mortgage company! Force them into an affordable repayment plan that gives you 5 years to become current.


The earlier you seek advice, the better. You could avoid costly fees being added on by the mortgage company.

Need some breathing room? Credit card interest rates skyrocketing along with those minimum payments?


Reorganize your debt! If a Chapter 7 isn't right for you, a Chapter 13 may help eliminate the interest and perhaps pay just pennies on the dollar.

Chapter 7

Chapter 13 to Stop Foreclosure

Chapter 13 for Reorganization


Are you burdened with financial stress?

I can help you take back your life. Talk to me about how you can free yourself from debt, start rebuilding your life and plan your future. You deserve financial freedom.


You deserve peace of mind. You deserve a fresh start.

  • Harassing and Embarrassing Collection Calls at home and work

  • Foreclosure Actions and Sheriff Sales

  • Bank Account Levies

  • Wage Garnishments

  • Law Suits

  • Driver’s License Suspensions

  • Some Taxes

A Bankruptcy Immediately Stops:

  • Home

  • Car

  • 401k/IRA/Pension/Retirement Accounts

  • Bank Accounts

  • And most importantly, your SANITY!

A Bankruptcy Immediately Stops:

Stop running from debt collectors. Answer your phone again.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills, and most other unsecured debt. You deserve financial freedom, peace of mind and a fresh start.


Feeling guilty about not repaying your debt? Don’t. The credit card companies would rather pile on the interest and fees instead of working with you. Forgive yourself. Accept this gift. When your finances improve, pay it forward. Don’t torture yourself for the next 40 years because you made one bad decision.